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Classical guitar concert in the historic olive press


A musical evening in our beautifully restored olive press dating back to 1615.

Nikos Karavias, our virtuoso classical guitarist will perform a recital in a unique and intimate setting. The concert can also take place in the old olive press, in the wine cellar, or under the stars. 

Greek folk instruments with an expert

After a brief introduction to Greek musical theory you will have the opportunity to learn about five instruments, and begin to play them under Niko's expert guidance. Bouzouki, Lute, Tabouras, Baglamas, (plucked string instruments) and Toumberleki (a percussion instrument) are all available for you to try.

All about olive farming on Naxos.

Our guests will learn all about olive cultivation , and participate in watering, pruning, repairing dry stone wall terraces and harvesting in the Autumn. There are tasks all year round so don't be sad if you can't come at harvest time. Our quest for perfection has resulted in our joining the "Aristoil" elite producers of olive oil in Greece. All of our olive oil production is monitored for quality by the University of Athens Department of Pharmacognosy. This year's crop earned the Silver Standard for high phenolic olive oil at the Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards.

Get creative at Kambones

Unlock your creativity with lessons in art and crafts . We can arrange private workshops for you so that you can learn to make exquisite Greek whitework embroidery like the pieces which our home is full of. Our grandmothers' skills were on another level altogether, but we can help you to make a start.

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