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Your exquisite slow living experience


Kambones 1615 is a lovingly restored historic home which has been in our family for over 500 years . Today you can experience the serenity of daily life in a bygone era when you stay at this wonderful place.




We offer curated experiences to our special guests and make sure that you will have lifelong memories of your stay here.

Olive oil tasting, music lessons and concerts, embroidery workshops

 and art classes can all be arranged for you .




The Tower is equipped with

 a dioptre telescope for astronomy and bird watching, premium bedding, breakfast and fresh local produce,  an excellent wine collection, 24/7 guest support, laundry services, luggage storage and a really good internet connection.




The location of the tower is close to Naxos Town with the beaches easily drivable and amazing hiking routes nearby. The view over the ancient olive groves with rare birds of prey which nest in the trees is magnificent. You may have difficulty tearing yourself away from here to go and sightsee or swim, but we can suggest many itineraries which are off the beaten track.

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